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Reasons Why You Should Choose Security Doors and Blinds

Doors and blinds are a great feature of the home, often used as an essential decor in the interiors. However, they serve more than just the aesthetics of a household. They also help protect the occupants of a certain residential establishment – especially if they are security doors and blinds. Below are other reasons why you should choose security doors and blinds.


Security doors and blinds are more durable and robust than regular doors and blinds and are usually constructed from steel or aluminium. These materials have additional benefits which go beyond making your house harder to break into.

While a regular door and blinds will show signs of wear and might not stand up to the elements over time; a security door will last as long as your house does. If painted, it may need a fresh coat after extended periods of time, but it certainly won’t show signs of wear and tear to the degree that a standard timber, aluminium, or fibreglass door might.

Safety with Style

These days, security doors and blinds come in a variety of aesthetics to suit any style home, meaning your house can easily be secured without sacrificing curb appeal. Security doors and blinds are available in an assortment of options such as hinged, decorative, stackable, bi-fold, sliding, French, or sliding glass. For home owners with non-standard door sizes or shapes, security doors can be custom manufactured for any size and fit.

Additional Property Value

Along with matching the aesthetics of your home, a security door and blind will increase the value of your house. By investing in your home’s security and appearance, you won’t need to replace your doors and blinds for the lifetime of the house, immediately improving your property’s value. This is especially true if yours is a neighbourhood where break-ins are more common.  People will certainly be drawn to buying a house they feel safer in.

Property Security

When considering security doors and blinds, it is common to assume that the front-door and window as the two entry points that require reinforcement.  If, however, you have a back porch or patio enclosure, it is recommended that you also install a single or double security door at this entry point.

Burglars don’t always target your front door and will look for vulnerabilities and other entrance possibilities like a slightly ajar window. Make it harder to get in at secondary entrances by installing a mesh or a quality safety screen and you’ll make it more difficult for them to get into your house at every entry point.


Installing a security door and blinds on your back porch or patio enclosure allows you the added benefits of increased privacy, pest and insect control, climate control, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house is protected front, back, and from all angles. Not all security doors and blinds have to be solid either, there are a variety of security door and blind types to choose from which will best suit the context and function of the various spaces around your home.

When you contact our experts at Boss Security Doors & Blinds located in Epping, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will receive excellent advice concerning the very best security screen doors and blinds. You will also benefit from advanced custom designs and full installation services for your new protective screen doors and blinds.