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Difference in Materials Used for Security Doors

Difference in Materials Used for Security Doors

The security of your home is essential for enjoying a happy and safe lifestyle. You want to ensure that every member of your household is safe from home break-ins by burglars or vandals. You also want to protect your property and personal possessions. One of the very best ways to make sure that your home is well safeguarded is by installing superior quality security doors for the exterior entryways of your house.

Most homes have two external doorways, and some have multiple doorways leading from the outdoors to the home’s interior. When you select powerfully designed and built yet highly attractive security doors for the entryways to your home, you can relax, knowing that your home property is well safeguarded and secure. These doors can also protect your household from intrusion by flies, mozzies, and other irritating insects.

Different Materials Used for Producing Highly Effective Security Doors

Materials used in the production of powerfully constructed and highly effective security doors include the following: 

• AmplimeshSuperscreen Doors.Amplimesh® security screen doors provide optimal levels of strength and will last for long-term protection of your home while maintaining good airflow and clear views of the outdoors. These doors are constructed of high tensile 316 marine-grade stainless steel screen. Amplimesh® SupaScreen® is a modern advancement in security technology. These sturdy security doors are made with the use of a specially patented pressure procedure that prevents the need for hardware like screws, pins, snap-ins or rivets.       

• Superguard Privacy Mesh Doors.IntrudaGuard® Perforated Mesh doors provide top-rated security for your home and possessions. These doors are constructed of high tensile 316 marine-grade stainless steel that is woven into a fine yet durable mesh. The finely woven yet super-sturdy construction of this mesh offers easy, unobstructed viewing to the outdoors while assuring you and your family of ultimate protection from intruders or the natural elements during stormy weather.  

• Decorative Cast Panels. These strongly designed and constructed panel security doors of steel or fiberglass offer highly effective and enduring protection for your home and personal property. You can choose from many different styles in pre-finished or customised steel or fiberglass panelled doors that are stained or painted to complement and enhance the style of your home and its entryways. A variety of attractive wood-grain finishes are available to provide the beauty of natural wood while ensuring that your home has maximum levels of security.   

By contacting our experts at Boss Security Doors & Blinds located in Epping, Victoria, you can obtain excellent advice, security door designs and full installation services for new external security doors for the ultimate protection of your home and personal possessions. Our experienced professionals will ensure that you select the ideal materials and styles in advanced design security doors to keep your home and your household entirely safe and secure while enhancing your home property’s beauty and curb appeal.