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Benefits of Customised Security Screen Doors for Homes

With high quality customised security screen doors installed for the entry doorways of your home, you and your family will enjoy feeling safe, secure and relaxed in your everyday home environment. There is a wide variety of these attractive, strongly constructed and protective screen doors currently on the consumer market. However, when you have your doors custom designed and installed by experts, you can look forward to the benefits of ultimate home security from artfully made, extremely secure yet pleasingly stylish stainless steel screen doors. 

Amplimesh® SupaScreen® is a contemporary, innovative advancement in security technology. This unique screen product is composed of high tensile 316 marine-grade stainless steel that is woven to create a fine mesh. Security screen doors that have this type of screen are assembled with the use of a specialised, patented pressure technique. It prevents the need for using screws, pins, rivets or snap-ins to secure the mesh panel in place. This system also eliminates any problems with the screen making contact with other metals during the production process that may cause galvanic corrosion or discoloration. 

Major Benefits of Customised Amplimesh® SupaScreen® Security Doors for Homes

Valuable benefits of installing customised Amplimesh® SupaScreen® security doors on entrance doorways of homes include the following: 

• Outstanding Protection. Made of only optimal caliber materials and carefully tested for strength and durability, Amplimesh® SupaScreen® security screen doors are designed to prevent entry to your home by the most determined and aggressive of potential intruders. Over the last 50 years, these formidable screen doors have also been tested and proven to withstand Australia’s most severe weather conditions. These security screen doors have even survived a grueling test that involved covering them with acetic acid salt spray for 8,000 hours, which is the equivalent of more than 25 years of everyday heavy wear-and-tear. These modern door designs include 3-point locking mechanisms and offer excellent protection from flying insects and other pests. 

• Easy Maintenance. Amplimesh® SupaScreen® security screen doors require little or no maintenance. The Amplimesh® pressure-assemblage method does not use glues and has no visible fasteners, screws or other assembling hardware. This enhances the appearance of your stylish screen doors with an upscale, designer look of quality without compromising their high levels of strength, ensuring your ultimate security. Your screen doors’ PVC pressure-fit reinforcement ensures that the stainless steel mesh will retain its shape and placement in each door’s construction. Your powerful security screen doors will also be set in a heavy-duty aluminium frame.   

• Aesthetic Beauty. Your security screen doors made of Amplimesh® SupaScreen® will complement and emphasise the most attractive features of your home’s exterior. These doors will also allow you and everyone in your household to enjoy an unobstructed view of the natural beauty surrounding your home. Although the powerful stainless steel mesh of these doors will prevent potential intruders from entering your home and protect your property from damage during harsh weather, this mesh is finely made so that you can easily see through it to enjoy the scenic views nearby your home. 

When you contact our experts at Boss Security Doors & Blinds located in Epping, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will receive excellent advice concerning the very best security screen doors. You will also benefit from advanced customised designs and full installation services for your new protective screen doors. Our highly experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal security mesh doors to fully safeguard and enhance your home property.